Intro to 2D Unity Shaders!

Published Oct 6, 2020

Follow along as I explore my limited knowledge of shaders! I'll let you know how the basics work along with getting your first one set up in unity. This is from my personal experience of learning shaders, and is very intro.

This is a look into making shaders for 2D Sprite shaders, which isn't too different to making normal shaders. Just requires more limited inputs.

A basic shader is made of the FRAGMENT & VERT passes. The FRAG pass is the pixel information to render. It is broken down into RGBA values which represent a texture. The VERT pass is used to re-position vertices on the mesh of the sprite and is broken down into X Y & Z positions. While using a Sprite Renderer you are essentially using a quad mesh. So there is 4 vertices inside the sprite mesh.

Follower along in the video as I make a shader in unity using shader graph for a 2D sprite using the Universal Render Pipeline.