Who is Massive Monster?

Massive Monster is an award winning indie developer made up of one really big monster and his three “pets” who help him achieve his game making dreams. We maintain a core focus on personality and play. We create worlds in which everything has a story and around every corner is a new adventure.

Massive Monster is located in Melbourne, Australia and the United Kingdom.

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Monster History

Massive Monster was born January 2016 from the ashes of flash games industry, where we worked independently on over fifty games about everything from space-faring time travelling pirates to cats who really, really love sushi. Since then we have made the shift to other platforms focusing on Console & Desktop Games that we work hard to ensure are always bursting with excitement, personality and joy.

Team Achievements

Having delivered the award-winning ‘Adventure Pals’ and ‘Never Give Up’ for console and Steam, we have a proven track record of delivering games with a high standard of excellence, striking visuals and buckets of personality.

Bafta Breakthrough Brit, 2019, Jay Armstrong

Australian Game Developer Award, 2019

Two time ‘Intel Level Up’ Winner, 2017 & 2018

Two time ‘Made with Unity’ Award Winner, 2018

Pax Indie Showcase Winner, 2017

Indie Prize Winner, 2017

Team Members

These are Mr Monster's loyal pets that help him with all of his game development needs. Each of his pet's bring something a little different to the group. Unfortunately all of the other team members were eaten.

Jay Armstrong
Jay Armstrong

Named a ‘Breakthrough Brit’ by BAFTA, Jay originally started a career in International Geopolitics before ‘accidentally’ realising his dream of becoming a game developer. Since then he has created and shipped over 20 games for web, mobile, desktop and console.

Julian Wilton
Julian Wilton

Australian Game Developer Award winner, Julian is literally bursting with creativity. Doctors say it’s nothing to worry about. He shipped his first console game before leaving university and is based in Melbourne, Australia. He focuses on Creative direction and business development. His goal in life is to draw faces on anything he can find.

James Pearmain
James Pearmain

Whenever James isn’t rocking out in some band or another, he is indefatigable working on any game project he can get his hands on. Since starting his prolific game development career he has had a part to play in the creation of over 100 games. Almost all of them have cats in them.

Why we do it?

It isn't easy working for Mr Massive Monster, bump into him before he has had his morning coffee, and you are likely to get eaten. So why do it? Why do his loyal pets bravely put their lives on the line each and every day? No, not because they are heroes. Well, yes, they are heroes. But that's not the only reason...


Creativity and style are at the beating heart of all our games. We hand draw our art to give it that personal touch that can only be achieved when there is a direct route from mind to pen. We want players to have fun and to use their own imagination to tell their own stories.


We love including humour in our games, surprising players & diverting their expectations. We let our imaginations run wild, and we hope to spark our player's creative powers as well. It's all about embracing those wild ideas that are within us all.


What's better than going on a big adventure with your pals? Defeating massive monsters, collecting loot and pulling off crazy moves! We're all about that at Massive Monster and aim to create only the mightiest of adventures.

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Here at Massive Monster, our core strengths are mobile, desktop and console games. We also have extensive experience with web development including HTML-5 Games. We consistently push the technological boundaries by utilising technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and with experimental event installations. Giving us the ability to help with any of your game development needs.

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